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Want Tacos? Say No More My Guy!

Want Tacos? Say No More My Guy!

Enjoy An Good Authentic Mexican Taco

The Business Got Started Back in 2011! 

Irma, Ivan, and Ernesto set up a grill in their backyard with the dream of one day running their own restaurant. On their first day, they sold a total of $37.

What makes this business unique is the way we run it. We're not all about the money, we're about making a connection with every single guest that goes and tries our food. We want you to have an actual taste of Guadalajara, Mexico. But the most important thing is to show others that dreams really do come true and this one is just getting started.

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El Burro Veloz is built to keep families together and enjoy a good authentic Mexican taco because food brings a family together.

We Love Our Customers!

Alicia G.

5 Star Review - Yelp
Delicious frijoles and flavors, great red and green salsas for the table, and lots of gorditas and tacos to choose from. Plus friendly staff and Mexican beers!

Karla S.

5 Star Review - Yelp
This place is bomb legit Mexican food their beverages music everything this is one of my favorite places from now on! The food is authentic I'm in love!

Adriana M Benítez

Facebook Review
Delicious tacos and salsas. They have the barbacoa and consome tacos and they're very good.
4815 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531